License Types

ViewAQC™ is sold with a Multi-User or “Usage” license.  Many firms have expressed initial interest in employing ViewAQC™ in two ways.  The first is on a single pilot project to allow for user feedback, effectiveness, etc.  Using it on a live project enables measurement of usefulness and return on investment on a live project in need of referencing views across multiple models.  The second is to test the application in the network environment on a non-commercial product for 30 days to ensure the application works as advertised, and meets or exceeds the expectations of the project, project team, and/or enterprise.  While no real measurement of usefulness or return on investment can happen on a non-commercial product, the application can certainly demonstrate projected value to a project, as well as definition of the user learning curve.  As such, the license types for each of these scenarios is below:

Multi-User License

The Multi-User License permits an organization to install ViewAQC™ on as many workstations as desired, while limiting the number of users who use the product to a pre-determined amount within a 24-hour period of time.

Confidential, Not for Commercial Use, and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement License

The Confidential, Not for Commercial Use, and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement License allows an organization to install a fully-operational sample project on their internal network or cloud-based project, provided that all potential users are authorized employees of the organization.  Any sub-contractors to the organization must have their own separate Licensing Agreement for authorized use of ViewAQC in any circumstance, regardless of what equipment they access the sample project from.  At no time will ViewAQC be used for Commercial purposes in creation of work product.  This license is solely for testing the product for operation on a sample, non-Commercial use product in the organization’s Information Technology environment to ensure seamless operation of the application.  There is no limit to the number of users in order to ensure that all required members of an organization can test the application thoroughly.  This license is subject to Non-Disclosure agreement and is considered “Confidential Information.”



The initial cost for a Multi-User license will be a singular purchase.  Additional Users can be purchased in tiers, as determined with 26 Degrees Software.  All purchases will act as a credit to future purchases of additional users for an entire organization.  For example, an organization with 500 users purchases a Multi-User License for 25 users.  The initial charge is X.  While the project is on-going, another project with 10 users also wants to use ViewAQC™.  The charge for the additional 10 users on the second project is Y.  After determining that ViewAQC™ is desirable on multiple projects moving forward, and additional users are desired.  Since there are 500 total users, the price for all 500 would be Z.  Purchases of X and Y are given as credit toward the Site License purchase, making the total cost Z – X – Y.  In large organizations, Site License tiers can be established with various intervals of purchase.  In the above example, should a Site License tier of 100 users be selected, the total cost would be some fraction of Z.  That cost would be reduced by the previous X and Y purchases.

Annual Upgrade Option

Each year, ViewAQC™ is updated to work with the yearly release cycle, which may include new functionality and/or bug-fixes.  The Annual Upgrade Option cost is 10% of the overall purchase(s) already made.  As such, individual projects going through an upgrade can be done at relatively low cost.  The Annual Upgrade Option will not cover the purchase price of additional users, nor will it be applied to future purchases or Annual Upgrade Option pricing.  Partial use of the Annual Upgrade Option on a fraction of previously purchased users is not permitted.


26 Degrees Software reserves the right to inspect usage for compliance without notice, as covered by the end-user license agreement.  All compliance violations will be reported to the organization by 26 Degrees Software for remedy.