License Types

ViewAQC™ is sold with multiple types of licensing.  Many firms have expressed interest in employing ViewAQC™ on a single pilot project to allow for user feedback, effectiveness, etc.  There are two ways to license such a scenario:

Multi-User License

The Multi-UserLicense is where each user is defined by domain username.  These usernames will be incorporated into the license structure, and use of ViewAQC™ will be limited to them, specifically.  This avenue, while potentially cost-effective in the beginning, is also the most laborious in the event of staff changes.  Notification must be provided to 26 Degrees Software for each change of users, and a new license must be issued.

Project License

The ProjectLicense is determined by an estimate of “the number of users not to exceed” for a specific project, as discussed with and agreed to by 26 Degrees Software.  The license will be distributed for use by that number of users on that specific project.  This avenue supports staffing changes, and prevents the dreaded “number of licenses have been exceeded” message which then prevents work from being finished until licensing has been worked out.


Conclusion of the Pilot Project

At any time during the course of the Pilot Project or at its conclusion, either of the two license types above can be converted into the following licenses types pending an additional purchase, to allow continual and/or expanded use of ViewAQC™ going forward.  Both of these license types are immediately available, if desired.

Multi-Project License

The Multi-ProjectLicense augments the Project License by allowing additional, specified projects to be worked on, while increasing the “number of users not to exceed” limit as agreed to with 26 Degrees Software.  As such, additional licenses will be issued to each additional project as desired.  In larger organizations, this option has been used by successive, concurrent project teams to gain additional feedback internally.  While some effort is required to manage what projects are moving forward, it is somewhat reduced while these projects are running.

Site License

The Site License allows for usage across an entire organization, based on total number of users within the organization, as discussed and agreed upon with 26 Degrees Software.  Once the overall number is agreed upon, intermittent levels (tiers) of site license can be purchased, typically beginning with 50 users, or with individual offices of larger firms.  Exceptions for firms with less than 50 users are certainly available.  As more users or firm locations are required, the next tier can be purchased, as the firm builds up to the originally agreed upon total.  Once the total number is reached, no further purchase is required, even if the firm should expand in future years.  The number of users is effectively unlimited once the purchase amount for the total number of users has been reached.


The initial cost for a Multi-User, Project, or Multi-Project license will be a singular purchase.  The Site License can be purchased in tiers, as determined with 26 Degrees Software.  All purchases will act as a credit to future purchase of the Site License for an entire organization.  For example, an organization with 500 users purchases a Project License for 25 users.  The initial charge is X.  While the project is on-going, another project with 10 users also wants to use ViewAQC™.  The charge for the second project is Y.  After determining that ViewAQC™ is desirable on multiple projects moving forward, a Site License is desired.  Since there are 500 total users, the price for all 500 would be Z.  Purchases of X and Y are given as credit toward the Site License purchase, making the total cost Z – X – Y.  In large organizations, Site License tiers can be established with various intervals of purchase.  In the above example, should a Site License tier of 100 users be selected, the total cost would be some fraction of Z.  That cost would be reduced by the previous X and Y purchases.

Annual Upgrade Option

Each year, ViewAQC™ is updated to work with the yearly release cycle, which may include new functionality and/or bug-fixes.  The Annual Upgrade Option cost is 10% of the overall purchase(s) already made.  As such, individual projects going through an upgrade can be done at relatively low cost.  Site Licenses would also be upgraded for 10% of their overall cost.  The Annual Upgrade Option will not cover the purchase price of additional users, projects, or site license tiers, nor will it be applied to future purchase or Annual Upgrade Option pricing.


26 Degrees Software prefers to work on the “Honor” system, with periodic self-reporting of number of users.  26 Degrees Software does reserve the right to inspect usage for compliance without notice, as covered by the end-user license agreement.