Yes.  Each firm will require its own ViewAQC license.  Multiple firms can work on the same cloud-based project simultaneously without issue.

Yes.  Consult the Configuration Manual for instructions on configuring a C4R project.

Yes.  Contact technical support to obtain a quote for desired reference families.

Yes.  Refer to the ViewAQC Configuration Manual for the guidelines required in each family.

ViewAQC is designed to handle these scenarios with the Migration Tool, as outlined in the ViewAQC Configuration Manual.

No, this is a limitation of Revit.  Keep the references within the crop region.

26DGS will update the families for the firm’s graphic standards upon the initial purchase for no additional cost.  All future updates can be done by the firm, or by 26DGS for a small fee.  Contact 26DGS technical support for a quote.

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