July 14, 2021, Santa Monica, CA: CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software, makers of ViewAQC, are proud to announce that Collectus, their cloud based, BIM Standards library package has surpassed 32,000+ online componentsand isavailable for Revit 2022. As a remote BIM management library product for all disciplines, Collectus provides a clear BIM solution to AEC firms and Facility Owners overwhelmed with trying to introduce, create, and maintain BIM Standards internally. This Revit® application is a documented set of best practice workflows defining a multi-discipline, BIM standard requirement & model deliverable for any Revit project. In addition, Collectus allows the Facility Owners to offer their AEC Consultant teams access to these online BIM standards for their project design and documentation modeling needs at no additional charge.


  • Batch parameter conversion from MasterFormat into UniFormat and OmniClass. With the recent integration of CSI’s Crosswalk®, Collectus users can now update all Revit families using MasterFormat parameter data to Uniformat and OmniClass with a single click. AEC Business did a recent podcast interview showcasing the Collectus / Crosswalk integration with Cyril Verley, CDV Systems founder/president and Hugh Seaton, Crosswalk’s product lead.
  • Model Audit Feature which flags & locates all non-compliant / non-compatible Revit model elements. This allows the AEC consulting BIM teams to audit their work to ensure model consistency and project uniformity. The Audit feature also provides the Facility Owner a quick tool to validate each received Revit model to ensure accountability of required deliverables.
  • Fully Coordinated Shared Parameter Schema across all Model Disciplines. The shared parameter data structure for all Collectus families and their associated design & documentation schedules are coordinated across all model disciplines. This provides a predictable shared parameter interaction between the linked AEC consultant models during all phases of design, documentation, pre-construction, construction, compliance and as-builts. These same AEC consultant-created Revit models provide the Facility Owner a more coordinated model & parameter data structure across all trades which streamlines the Facility Owner’s transition from BIM to FM & GIS.

If you have questions or would like to see a live demonstration of Collectus, click here.

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