September 16, 2020 Santa Monica, CA. CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software are proud to announce the release of Collectus®; a cloud-based library of BIM Graphic, Asset & Project Management Standards for Revit users in the AEC&O Industry. As an application used within Revit and powered by 26 Degrees Software, the makers of ViewAQC®, Collectus® provides an all trades imperial and metric online library of 14,000+ families and types. Project templates, design and documentation schedules, family templates and instructional documentation make Collectus the complete Revit Standards Package for all things BIM, from conceptual design through facility management.

Since 2005, the CDV Systems Revit Implementation Package has been Since 2005, the CDV Systems Revit Implementation Package has been created, tested, purchased and successfully used by the most prestigious AEC&O firms (i.e. HOK, NBBJ and AECOM) on hundreds of millions of SF of BIM projects worldwide. Collectus® represents the culmination of the existing CDV Systems Revit Implementation Package along with a 40% increase in newly created family content and documentation. The entire online package is built for ease of use, minimizing model complexity and maximizing the management of shared parameter data across all project trade disciplines using a single, standardized shared parameter data set.

Instead of spending weeks, months, or even years building and maintaining BIM content and project templates, Collectus® provides BIM project team members immediate access to a robust and vetted BIM standards package for their building model design, construction, post construction and Operations & Maintenance Revit needs.

Collectus® is available for projects using Revit 2019, 2020 and 2021. Content within Collectus® is maintained and supported for all versions and includes Collectus® is available for projects using Revit 2019, 2020 and 2021. Content within this cloud environment is maintained and supported for future Revit versions and includes submission requests for new and/or additional content directly within the user interface. These requests are provided through an annual support contract included with the initial purchase and can include new families and/or types, schedules, parameter sets, and modifications of existing Collectus content. Technical support requests are also made within the user interface. An additional service found in Collectus is the ability to store company and/or project-specific content in restricted-access areas within the interface.  

Collectus® is intentionally designed with the end user in mind: The Building Owner.  All project participants are the beneficiaries in a Collectus work environment:

  • Building Owners and Facility Managers can rely on Collectus® to deliver the highest degree of BIM room & asset data consistency. Revit models created by the architects, engineers, contractors & subcontractors using Collectus® are passed to the Building Owner with a fully coordinated shared parameter schema. Building Owners can validate work done by their AEC’s via the Revit schedules to ensure compliance with the BIM Project Execution Plan. This provides a consistent building, room & asset meta-data structure which can be exposed for the Building Owner’s FM and GIS needs.
  • Manufacturers can host critical model and product parameter data to be used by design professionals for their bidding and purchasing needs.
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) can have confidence that a single source of BIM Standards is being used by their entire staff firmwide providing consistent and predictable results for every project submission.
  • Specification Writers have access to real product families and data within the BIM.
  • Architectural, Structural. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Site Design Professionals can count on Collectus® to provide content conducive to A&E design and documentation requirements with little or no additional effort.
  • BIM Managers can count on reliable model data with reduced setup and oversight, ensuring ease of coordination across the Design Consultants. BIM managers will no longer need to create custom Revit content and instead can focus on billable hour project needs.

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Collectus® is Now Available as a complete Online BIM Graphic, Asset & Project Management Standards Package for the AEC&O Industry