October 13, 2022, Windham, NH: CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software, makers of ViewAQC, are proud to announce a lecture on How Facility Owners can Benefit from BIM using Collectus.

Over the last decade, Facility Owners have received Building Information Models (BIMs) from their AEC BIM consultants as part of the final project deliverables. However, these same models are often shelved because the institutions are unable to leverage BIM data benefits quickly and easily. Properly created BIMs locate rooms and assets and should include corresponding design, manufacturer, and operations/maintenance data. This BIM data is all that is needed to populate the Facility Owner’s various room and asset management and maintenance software programs. The key to streamlined consumption is a predefined BIM data structure.

For 12 years, CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software have been working with Facility Owners to expose their BIM room and asset data to their various FM & GIS programs. This experience formed the basis for and the development of Collectus®. Collectus is a cloud-based, remotely managed, BIM standards delivery platform which allows a Facility Owner to instantly standardize their data collection requirements for their AEC consultants. Unlike disparate spreadsheet reports, Collectus defines and delivers the single source of truth within the Revit models.

At the recent Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) 2022 event, Cyril Verley, RA provided a lecture on How Facility Owners Benefit from BIM. This lecture identified how Collectus immediately benefits Facility Owners in their pursuit of harvesting BIM data by pre-defining the BIM data structure. This workflow requires minimal knowledge of BIM by the Facility Owners, alleviating their staff, budget, and time for BIM management. From Pre-Design through Operations, Collectus provides integral tools allowing the institution’s staff to review and validate models for compliance with the Collectus Integrated BIM Execution Plan. This ensures the BIM data needed for exposure to their operations, management, and maintenance needs has been fully delivered by the AEC consultants. If you feel BIM data is useful for your institution and would like to know more about the Collectus workflow, CLICK HERE to request a meeting date and time that is convenient for you and your team. This free, 60-minute, virtual meeting will provide a better understanding of Collectus and how it can help your facility benefit from BIM for current and future FM and GIS needs.

How Facility Owners can benefit from BIM using Collectus®